• How can I sign up (register)?
    There are two ways to register in ArbMate:
    1) Press the "subscribe" button and then choose a subscription and you will be asked to enter your credentials to create the account. On successfully purchased subscription your account will be activated.
    2) Go to register page and complete the form. Please note that the only way to register by this method is to have an "activation code" which we could only provide during promotions or if you want to become our affiliate or translator. After completing the form you will receive a verification email to confirm your registration, so check your SPAM directory on your mailbox. Keep an eye on our twitter profile to get such "activation code".
  • Can't sign in, forgot my password?
    If you’ve already signed up but forgot your password, you can press “Forgot your password” on the login page. Insert your email you’ve used durring registration and click on “Send password reset link”. You will then receive an email with instructions how to proceed.
  • How to change your password?
    Change your account password in “Profile”, in the Settings tab.
  • Why the arb names are hidden [hidden]?
    Only logged in and purchased users with active subscription could see the names of the teams in the arbs. You could purchase a subscription from here.
  • Do you have a trial?
    We don't offer trials but you could purchase weekly or monthly subscription and we could give you up to 5 bonus bookmakers for 24 hours. This could happen only one time per user.
  • How can I pay my subscription?
    We accept Skrill, Neteller and PayPal. Each one of those e-banks also supports option for paying with Debit/Credit card without creating an account in the e-bank and many other options like Paysafe, Epay and etc.
  • I paid my subscription. Why I have no access to the service?
    As a rule payments are received instantly. Sometimes there may be delays with VISA credit cards (up to 3 days) or while the bank notify our system for the payment (up to 3 hours).
  • Your scanner shows false odds. How to report them?
    In case you’ve noticed incorrect odds on our site, please send us a screenshot with the arbitrage calculator, odds history and the odds in the bookmaker in English language via e-mail to support@arbmate.com Also include any additional information like is it for Live(InPlay) or PreMatch, when this problem occurs, in what situation and etc. Otherwise, we won't be able to spot and fix the problem.
  • Navigation is navigating to wrong event/odd. How to report it?
    1. Are you using the Odds Navigator or Direct links
    2. Which domain of the bookmaker are you trying to navigate: www.example.com or www.example.it and etc
    3. Is it for Live or PreMatch
    4. Is it navigating to the wrong event or is selecting different odds?
    5. Take a screenshot of the ArbMate page with the arbitrage calculator and odd history visible on it
    6. Take a screenshot of the entire screen (including the web address) where you are redirected
    7. Any additional information - for example describing step by step what is happening when you try to navigate.
  • What bookies do you scan?
    We scan more than 60 bookies. Full list is presented on “Bookmakers” public page or "My bookmakers" page which is accessible only by logged in users. In "My bookmakers" you could see how many arbs we have with each bookmaker.
  • What bookies are supported for navigating?
    All bookmakers supported for navigating are marked with a green check "" in the list here. Please note, that not all of the listed clones are available for navigating. You could contact us for that matter before purchasing a subscription.
  • What bookies do you advise to play with?
    Live: Sbobet, WilliamHill, Pinnacle, Bet365, Bwin, 188bet, Marathonbet, Unibet.
    PreMatch: Sbobet, WilliamHill, Pinnacle, Bet365, Bwin, 188bet, Marathonbet, Unibet, Betfair Exchange.
    Check the arbitrage friendly bookmakers list.
  • Can you add the bookie I want?
    You may send us an offer to our email support@arbmate.com concerning the bookie you would like to see on our list. When it gathers a sufficient amount of requests, we’ll bring it into service. If you don't want to wait to gather enough requests you could pay a one-time fee and if we can add it, it will be added publicly accessible by all of our members. It's not possible to add private bookmakers.
  • I have purchased a bookmaker but there are no arbs with it
    If you have purchased a bookmaker but there aren't any arbs with it, first check your app settings. A second reason for not showing any arbs could be that there aren't any sports events yet (for example early in the morning on Monday) or the bookmaker is not involved in any arbs, probably because you have only sharp bookmakers selected in your list. The last option is that the bookmaker is down. You could see the arbs count where the bookmaker is involved in "My bookmakers" page (accessible only for logged in users).
  • Can I swap purchased bookmaker with a different one
    You could swap one bookmaker with the equivalent cost once on every 30 days for free. If the reason for swapping bookmaker is that the bookie is down for more than 3 days we will swap it for free with bookmaker that has the same cost.
  • May the bookie track that I’m using arb service?
    It's impossible to be tracked that you are using ArbMate. Only your betting actions could give a clue that you are an arber.
  • Can I suspend my account?
    Only customers with yearly subscriptions could suspend their account once during that time for unlimited period of time.
  • I can't find my answer. Whom should I contact?
    You could send your questions via email to support@arbmate.com or via our web form.

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