General Terms and Conditions

· The provision of sports arbitrage opportunities through the web app ArbMate (“Service”) is provided to you (“User”) by ArbMate (“Provider”) for a contracted period of time (“Service Period”).

· By registering and using the Service, the User agree to be bound by this agreement.

· ArbMate does not organize or conduct gambling. The information provided is for information purposes only.

· The Provider can in no way be held responsible for any losses or consequential losses arising from the use of this Service. The user must be aware that there are risks involved with every sports betting transaction, and the Provider does not guarantee winnings from presented odds and arbitrages. Presented odds and sports arbitrages should not be construed as betting advice.

· While we strive very hard to present accurate and useful information, ArbMate makes no guarantee of the correctness of information delivered.

· Our Service will display potential palpable errors. These bets may be voided by the relevant bookmaker. Please check bets advised by our Service before placing the bet in case the odds have changed since the original alert or there has been a scanning error. The User must also be aware that bookmakers have different settlement rules (including possible postponements) on various sports, which can result in voided bets and loss of stake.

· No guarantee of the correctness of the AutoSurf feature can be given.

· You could switch bookmaker once on every 30 days for free. The replacement bookmaker must have the same monthly price or lower than the current bookmaker that you want to replace. If the purchased bookmaker is down for more than 72 Hours ArbMate will replace it with any bookmaker of customer's choice, no matter the price differential or could suspend the access to this bookmaker until it is being fixed.

· Bookmaker, sport and odds coverage may decrease temporarily due to the constant changes outside of our control.

· Navigating issues are not a subject to subscription suspension or bookmakers swap.

· By using the AutoSurf, the User is agreeing to the various bookmakers terms and conditions where applicable.

· All browsing made by the AutoSurf are considered to have been made by the User.

· ArbMate has no responsibility for bets placed or other actions taken at bookmakers’ web sites. It is the responsibility of the User to comply with the bookmakers’ terms and conditions, and the laws and regulations in their respective country regarding gambling and sports betting.

· There may be interruptions to the service due to technical reasons beyond the Provider’s control. If no Service is available for a period of more than 24 hours, the User’s Service Period will be extended by at least two days for every day this interruption to Service continues.

· The User may not sell, or pass on in any way, to any person or persons, any information supplied by the Provider. The information provided by the Provider can only be used to place bets with established bookmakers or betting exchanges. A breach of this agreement will lead to an immediate termination of Customer subscription and possible legal action.

· ArbMate subscriptions are non-refundable. All sales are final.

· If a user opens a refund request in the bank, the access to the active subscriptions is paused automatically. The access will remain paused, but the subscription won't be paused (it will continue expiring day by day). When the refund case is completed, the access will be activated again. It is a user's risk if the subscription will have active days remaining by the time the case is completed and access is granted again. ArbMate is not obligated to extend the subsciption with the days that took for the opened by the user refund case to be completed.

· All subscriptions renew automatically (“recurring”) after the initial period. The recurring subscription will renew monthly until you cancel your subscription.

· In case of a payment refund dispute occurs by any of the supported payment methods, the subscription of the user is suspended automatically until the despute ends.

· Recurring subscriptions may have a retry-schedule if collection of a recurring payment fails, meaning that our payment providers may try to collect a failed recurring payment more than once.

· If you intend to upgrade or buy a new subscription, please note that you have to cancel your old subscription. Otherwise you may end up having two active subscriptions at the same time. It is your own responsibility to cancel the recurring subscription if you wish to do so. You could also send us an email to cancel the recurring subscription only for Neteller. The email must be sent from the registered ArbMate email address.

· Customers can't pause their subscription. Customers are allowed to transfer their remaining subscription to another individual. Only one transfer per account is allowed.

· Vouchers/license keys expires 6 months from issue date unless otherwise stated.

· Any type of scanning and listening to ArbMate data, services and underlying communication by bots, non-human interaction or other scripts and methods is forbidden and will lead to block of the IP, the user's account and subscription if he has such without a refund and prior notice.

· ArbMate Services could be accessed only via the offical and latest ArbMate Web Application. Allowed browsers for using the Web Application are as follows: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and Safari. Other browsers like QQBrowser or similar browsers are forbidden and will lead to a suspension of the subscription. Any use of browser automation and non-human interaction with ArbMate Services may lead to subscription suspension as well.

· The Provider reserves the right to immediately terminate your use of, or access to, the Service at any time if the Provider decides at its sole discretion that you have breached the Terms and Conditions or you have engaged in conduct that the Provider considers to be inappropriate or unacceptable.

Affiliate Terms and Conditions

· To become an affiliate with ArbMate you agree to our terms and conditions.

· You will be paid your total affiliate balance around the 15th of every month for the previous month (if the minimum affiliate balance(50 Euros) has been reached for that month, and providing that the affiliate has entered payout options). Please advise that you might need to pay tax on any income made by ArbMate's affiliate program according to your country's tax-laws. Also, according to Bulgarian tax-laws you might need to provide us the following information before any payouts can be made: Full name, address, country.

· All commissions are based on the Net Revenue.

· We reserve the right to hold payments for current month if an affiliate does not meet the following criteria: - have at least 2 new registrations for the current month - have at least two sales for the current month - the registered users for the current month haven't purchased anything until the 14th number of following month.

· “Net Revenue” for any particular period of time shall mean Gross Revenue for the same period of time less tax, VAT, payment costs and chargebacks/refunds.

· We will terminate the affiliate status immediately if there is any form of spamming on your behalf or if you discredit ArbMate through false advertising in any way.

· We reserve the right to end the affiliate status if we determine that you, or your site is not suitable, for any cause. The affiliate is responsible for its own promotions for ArbMate, and the promotions must be in line with our values (which are solely determined by ArbMate).

· We reserve the right to close an affiliate account and void any outstanding balance for any cause.

· As an Affiliate you are responsible for promoting ArbMate by the advertising, banners and tracking URL's on your websites, e-mails or other communications.

· Content that is deemed unsuitable (in ArbMate sole discretion) may result in the affiliate agreement being terminated immediately.

· You are not allowed to sign up yourself through your own affiliate account. ArbMate reserves the right to withhold payment from any affiliate that violates any of our terms and conditions. Participants caught violating or attempting to circumvent these rules will have all affiliate credit voided and will not receive payouts. Additionally, they will be banned from further participation in our affiliate program.

· You may not promote ArbMate as 'Risk Free'. Sports Arbitrage is NOT 100% risk free, which less serious actors in the market claims it to be. There are ways to greatly minimize the risks of sports arbitrage betting and ArbMate has been working hard to try to educate our customers in this area.

· We will terminate this Agreement immediately if there is any form of spamming on your behalf or if you discredit ArbMate through false advertising, written or uttered words.

· We only accept affiliates that have a registered company and pay their own taxes in the country where they are situated. Failure against the above requirements that leads to ArbMate becoming liable to pay taxes for an affiliate - this will be charged the affiliate.

· You shall not make any claims, representations, or warranties in connection with ArbMate and you shall have no authority to and shall not bind ArbMate to any obligations.

· Should fraudulent activity arise through a person directed to a site via your link, we retain the right to retract the commissions paid to you at any time.

· It is the responsibility of the affiliate to ensure that all links are properly tagged.

· This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Bulgaria.

· These terms and conditions is subject to change without prior notice at the discretion of ArbMate. The latest version can be found at

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