Arbitráže nie sú už iba pre vyvolených

Žiadne ďalšie drahé predplatné! Začnite s lacným zoznamom najpopulárnejších bookmakerov a pridávajte ďalších hneď ako zlepšíte svoje schopnosti!



SureBets sú taktiež známe ako "športové arbitráže" alebo len "arbitráže". Jedná sa o istú stávku, pretože v istý moment sú kurzy u dvoch alebo viacerých boomakerov odlišné takým spôsobom, že stávka na všetky možné výsledky Vám prinesie zisk bez ohľadu na výsledok. ArbMate skenuje kurzy všetkých bookmakerov a dokáže vyhľadať tisíce takýchto príležitostí každý deň!


Middles arbitráže sú niečo medzi hazardom a istotou. Sú ideálnym spôsobom ako kombinovať Vaše schopnosti zamerané na klasické stávkovanie a "SureBets" schopnosti. Pri "Middles" stávke očakávame, že udalosť skončí konkrétnym výsledkom. Existuje tu malé riziko, ale možnosť zisku je oveľa vyšší. Táto metóda je odporúčaná pre skúsených stávkarov.

Polish Middles

Polish Middles sú to isté ako "Middles", ale s opačným pravidlo - zápas NESMIE skončiť jedným konkrétnym výsledkom. Tu je riziko vyššie ako pri Middles, ale aj potenciál zisku je oveľa vyšší.

Google Chrome Extension - Odds Navigator

Odds Navigator

This Google Chrome extension will help you arbing easier than ever by saving you time and avoiding possible mistakes.

It could automatically navigate you to the betting event page, automatically select the odd and automatically fill in the amount from your arb calculator! All this on multiple computers and virtual machines at the same time with only one ArbMate account!

It is 100% untrackable by the bookmakers as it acts as a normal user and goes to the desired point by clicking on the required links on the bookmaker - just like a normal visitor does. It just happens automatically and doesn't require any action from your side.


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Carlos Verifikovaný nákup

Very good

Fast odds update, good support, no problems with fake arbs. I like the mobile version because I can keep track of the situation while not at home. Overall - best surebet software I have ever used and the price is cheap as well.

Stephfen Verifikovaný nákup


Spend the least money to get the most profit

Igli Verifikovaný nákup

The best arbitrage software for beginners and experiencd users

The best , fastest , cheapest arbitrage software. Great support team. 5 stars :)

Matevz Verifikovaný nákup

Best arbitrage betting software

This is the best and cheap arb betting service I have been using so far. I recommend it. Cheers!

Georgi Verifikovaný nákup

Customer Support

Had some difficulties after making my subscriptions. Customer support was amazing and resolved any issues I had in a matter of minutes.

Александр Verifikovaný nákup

Отличное программное обеспечение!

Очень хорошая скорость и навигация!

Giuseppe Verifikovaný nákup

Great software at great price

After using it for over 2 months I can guarantee you it's worth every penny you spend on it. Plus they have a great customer support. I've not much to add: it does EXACTLY what you expect it to do. Giuseppe.

Sciortino Verifikovaný nákup

Good for Italian arbers

+5 from me and I'm happy about joining your community in a long-term :)

Bart Verifikovaný nákup

Good UK coverage

You already have some main UK bookies like Bet365, WillHill, Betfred, Coral (Ladbrokes), Betfair Exchange and etc which combined with the Asian bookies works perfectly for me. Although you could add some more UK bookmakers like Admiralbet. But even if you don't add it, it's still a good service which brings a huge value to me. Keep up the good work!

Mengleng Verifikovaný nákup

good speed

Live odds sometimes updates even before they are displayed on the bookmaker which surprised me very nice.

Simon Verifikovaný nákup

Very satisfied

I think this is the best alert service for me so far. Perfect price-quality ratio. The support team is also very polite.

Endel Verifikovaný nákup

Cheap subscription prices and good value!

The first sure bet service with Estonian version I have seen so far! +5 stars from me for this service.

Nojus Verifikovaný nákup

Great usage from Lithuania

Very good sure bet software for using in Lithuania. Good bookmakers coverage and it is much faster than the others who pretend to be the best. You got me as a long-term member of your services. Keep the good working! I recommend it to people located in Lithuania.

Arbitrage Guides Verifikovaný nákup

We recommend it, especially for beginners!

The ability to start with low price subscription with the most important bookies and the option to add more bookies for such a low price which is a few cents per day is totally a great goal! This service is working perfectly and it's scanning the odds by themselves which is a huge advantage. There aren't any delayed odds because of bad scanning and the arbs are with high profit and great quality. We recommended it mostly to beginners. Great job!

Ivan Verifikovaný nákup

Great software

Very imppresive software. Good job.

Demisha Verifikovaný nákup

Best surebet software ever

I've made some test comparing with other arbs softs and ArbMate is really the fastest arbs software. It works perfectly.

Enea Verifikovaný nákup

Good service

Great software for professionals. I've been arbing since 2009 and I believe I have tried all the surebet softwares on the internet. ArbMate is my favourite so far. I recommend it.

Bern Verifikovaný nákup

Greetings from UK

Congratulations for the great work. I made a lot of money thanks to you! You put a roof on my family for which I am very thankful. Keep doing such a great job guys so I could keep winning! If I can help with anything, just let me know!

Cris Verifikovaný nákup

Many thanks

Just a perfecto tool to beat the bookies. Very fast arbs find. 5 stars from me. Respect!

Krystov Verifikovaný nákup

Very good software

It's a pleasure to work with you guys! Great service.

Razvan Verifikovaný nákup

Very professional service

Your software provides everything I needed. Good sports and bookmakers coverage.

Cleucio Verifikovaný nákup

InPlay is very good

You are updating odds faster then the other more expensive services. Great job!

Aleks Verifikovaný nákup

Good bookmaker coverage

Great variaty of bookies. is the one I mostly use in Slovakia.

Aksiber Verifikovaný nákup

Perfect for Turkish

The place I live gambling is forbidden but with your VPS things changes. Tempobet is my number one bookie and as far as I can see you are the only service that have it. Thank you fo supporting it, because it's a great advantage for Turkish players like me.

Faik Verifikovaný nákup

Amazing surebet software

Very fast update odds

Bojidar Verifikovaný nákup

Cheap and quality service

Best service on the market for me!

Lenard Verifikovaný nákup

Best surebet software ever

I love this software.